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my life my love all 4 u

7 May
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My first encounter with tvxq is around feb-march, 2008. I watched their japanese purple line mv, and I like it. I didn't pay much attention to it though because I did not have any interest in music.
I begin to know more about them when I watched "dangerous love" in april of 2008. Since then, I started to search for them online. I love JJ with all my heart, but I will give him my blessing if he decide to be with YunHo, not other people.
I support YunJae couple the most, the second is YooSu couple. I don't think they are real, but it's their secret. We, supporters, are not allowed to reveal it if they decide to keep quite about it :)
To show my support, I will write a lot of fictions about these 2 couples even though I hate writting.
My real personal life is a mess. If you want to know, give me a message. If you don't want to, it's fine.

YunJae is together
YooSu is forever

The 2nd Photobook : Summer Paradise in Borabora

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